blog001Too many people are more inclined to be urgent about gaining money, gaining acceptance from others and gaining accolades of excellence than they are in giving love, getting to know themselves and being someone they are accepting of and fulfilling their dreams no matter how small or big. You’ve heard this before right? Money isn’t everything. Love is the answer. Degrees aren’t a worthy measure of success.

Why is it such a rarity that I find people who aren’t blindly on a quest to save, invest, or plan for the future if we are often reminded of what’s important? As humans we find it easier to be comfortable and this is a comfortable path. The sooner you face up to being uncomfortable, the sooner you will find the courage to chase passions, open your heart to friendships and lovers, and find a wealth of joy in life lived today.

Comfort may satisfy some. It’s not for me. It’s not asking too much to want more out of life than simply following an agenda society set out for me because it’s easy. I’m not opposed to university, a career, marriage, creating a home and/or family, a 9-5 job and retiring. I am opposed to the notion that these concepts are your only options and that you must live your life according to a pre-determined timeline of goals. You can actually do whatever you want with your life. You are only constrained by you.

Last week I danced amongst light beams of the setting sun surrounded by people unafraid to release passion at Little Beach here on Maui, Hawaii. A month ago a part of me nagged to stay in my comfort zone. Thoughts and feelings previously unfamiliar to me where threatening me to choose the safe options. Anxiety sat with me before I slept and shined it’s light when I woke. If I had listened I’d probably still be harnessed with pressure instead of the lightness and clarity I am experiencing now. I have more direction now by giving space to discovery than when I felt as though I needed to force feed my being in to ambition to safe guard my future. Allow yourself to dance, to play, to create, to connect, to breathe!

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