00uploadI wake up early dancing in to the day that awaits me with open arms. I am free to roam or to stay and relax in bamboo paradise listening to the roar of the river flow through the gully below my bedroom. The adventure is mine to choose. I have no agenda. I feel refreshed. I have a rekindled creative energy and am motivated to create this blog.

I am blessed and cursed with a wandering heart beating for new adventures. I become both restless and worn out with prolonged routine. This 10 day get away reawakened my soul which was becoming stagnant in my everyday surrounds. I’m generally a very optimistic human who can find joy in many ways but at times I loose that zest and need to take a break. Some may say this is self indulgent. I disagree. Yes I personally get to enjoy wonderful experiences but I am filled with motivation and enthusiasm which I can carry back to the land of everyday radiating positive energy again. Time out is worthwhile. Time out can be 1 hour reading in the sun, 1 day doing a day hike or 1 week discovering a tropical destination. Do it for yourself and for those you surround yourself with. Recenter. Rejuvenate. Restore.

I took time out with loved ones in Bali pictured here at a house made entirely of Bamboo in Green Village out of Ubud. I woke up fresh in the comfort of my accredited Ethical Clothing Australia Nico underwear Tee and Body Peace Bamboo Bottom huggers, hair still carrying extra oil from massage oils used the afternoon before and eyes still shedding dream dust. I strive to make friendly fashion purchases buying from ethical and environmentally friendly resources only.

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